On location with Award Winning Travel And Equine Photographer Andrew Lever. Www.andrewlever.com

A cheeky horse laying in the sun last Sunday afternoon…..Prints available


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Getting up close and wondering what i am doing laying in the grass…..

My two horse friends having a chat with me as we plan our next picture. I do listen to them to find out which is their best side to photograph ?!


This is me going out to photograph a herd of 22 wild horses that i befriended at the beginning of this year. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and photographing them and i now feel like one of the family !
They are all characters and each one has a unique personality. They have been very patient with me as i try to get in close with my camera. I am currently editing the hundreds of horse images that i have taken and will be posting my favourites on this blog soon.

One Man And His Dog Sandbanks Dorset, UK.

Travel Photography by www.andrewlever.com

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Travel photography by Andrew Lever at www.andrewlever.com

Paddleboarder at water’s edge Sandbanks, UK.

Travel Photography at www.andrewlever.com